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immigration lawOn June 15, 2012, President Obama announced the implementation of a new Executive Order which grants two years of “Deferred Action” for certain people in the United States. Such Immigration benefit IS NOT AN AMNESTY OR LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENCY and is subject to change by the Office of the President.  It is only an administrative measure that grants certain temporary benefits, such as a work permit.

To be eligible, an applicant must establish he or she entered the United States before the age of 16, resided in the United States continuously for at least five years preceding the Executive Order, and was physically present in the United States on June 15, 2012, among others.  The Immigration authorities require that the applicant submit various government-issued and other documents in order to establish eligibility for the Deferred Action.

Applicants need to be cautious in deciding whether or not to seek the limited relief provided by the Deferred Action.  If denied or when the two years of relief has expired, the applicant may be subject to Removal (or Deportation).  Thus, it is critical that a potential applicant obtain competent advice on the potential risks and rewards of the Deferred Action as well as alternative Immigration strategy.

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