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citizenshipThe term “Naturalization” is simply the process by which a foreign-born individual has become a Citizen of the United States.  Naturalization is a long process that begins when a person becomes a Legal Permanent Resident and culminates in a person being sworn in as a Citizen.  A Naturalized Citizen then enjoys all the same rights as a person born in the United States.  The CIS manages the process, and the final decision comes down to a CIS officer.

To become a United States Citizen through the process of Naturalization, an applicant must first have a Green Card (or Legal Permanent Residence).  There are other requirements to be eligible for Citizenship.  For example, an applicant must 18 years old, had Legal Permanent Residence (Green Card) for five years (only three years if the potential Immigrant is married to a United States Citizen), resided for at least three months within the state the petition was filed, been physically present in the United States for at least one-half of the five years (one half of the three years for spouse of a Citizen), and be a person of good moral character, among others.  Each applicant must also take and pass a civics examination on American society and culture.

Potential Immigrants  need to be aware that an application for Citizenship results in the opening of the person’s whole Immigration history to review. The CIS will carefully investigate your background. It is recommended that you talk with an Immigration Attorney to address any potential problems that can be raised during the application process, such as any criminal violations.

Our team of legal professionals will represent you through the entire process of becoming a Citizen of the United States, from obtaining your Green Card through Naturalization.  There are different rules for different applicants, such as military personal, so every application is different.  We provide the personalized attention that your application deserves.  Given its importance and consequences for the applicant’s future well-being, it is important that potential Immigrants  get proper representation by an experienced Immigration Attorney before undertaking the Naturalization process.

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